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Life of a Wealth Coach

As a financial coach,  we have unlimited income  opportunities, as we earn proportionate to the number of people we are able to help execute a plan. New qualified aspirants may apply for capitalization support which comes in the form of a monthly fixed funding.

Best is that we have the flexibility of time to enjoy the Financial freedom that comes as a consequence of the increase income and new awareness on how to properly manage our personal finances.

We get the profound satisfaction from improving other people’s lives and in creating meaningful relationships with the people that we choose to serve.

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Pros of becoming a Wealth Coach

In the financial planning industry, you can earn an unlimited amount of income, have time flexibility, enjoy travel incentives, and have the capability to design a career the way you want it

Unlimited Income Potential

Your income will be reflect your effort. have the capacity to write your own check! Earn from multiple income streams through various compensation and bonuses. Achieve the lifestyle that you want as soon as you want it to happen.

Work Schedule Flexibility

Never miss an important events with your friends and family without compromising your career. Yes, it exists! Control your schedule and achieve that work-life balance you desire.

Travel Incentives

Love traveling? Becoming a wealth coach gives you the opportunity to travel all around the world. What makes this even better is it’s all FREE!

Career Growth

Tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Take control of your career and take on new challenges at your own pace. With plenty of trainings and opportunities, become someone who your want to be.

wealth Coach Testimonials

See how becoming a Wealth Coach changed their lives

Photo of Joy Mendoza, Financial Advisor
Premier Coach
Joy Mendoza
Business Woman

As Financial Coach and Leader, it changed my family's financial situation, it gave me a meaningful career and opened many opportunities for me to grow professional and financially.

Photo of Jack Yabut, Financial Advisor
Premier Coach
Jack Yabut
Former Bank Manager

After 35 years in the banking industry as an employee,  I took this chance to have my own business. My aspiration is to become the CEO of my own company. Wealth Coaching will help me deepen my relationship with my clients.

This time I want to work for myself and at the same time have the freedom of time for myself!

Premier Coach
Villa Venetia
Former Cabin Crew

I joined because I wanted to be significant again. I missed doing something productive and being on the go which was my life for almost a decade when I was a cabin crew.

Premier Coach
Shaina Maligaya
Former HR Officer

I was a Human Resource Officer of a Security Agency before I joined WCP. Being an insurance beneficiary, i want to also impart the value I saw in this business to my friends and clients. I see myself succeeding here and that only thing I can prove is by doing it. A job that helps me grow everyday is something I am grateful for.

Premier Coach
Aidan Dionisio
BS Marketing Graduate

I joined Wealth Coach PH because I want to earn a lot, and I find fullfillment in helping people secure their finances. If you are looking for a well compensated work, while still having time for your family and hobbies, this is the job for you!

Group photo of team leaders and agency head of wealth coaches Philippines
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